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Cherie Chung in beautiful picture

Cherie Chung Chor-hung (Chinese: 鍾楚紅; born February 16, 1960) was a Hong Kong film actress in the 1980s. She participated in Miss Hong Kong competition but did not receive any awards. Later she was discovered by film director Johnnie To and debuted in To's first film The Engimatic Case (1980).

Her beauty and charm helped her become one of the top actresses in Hong Kong at that time. In her film career, one of her most famous performances was in Mabel Cheung's An Autumn's Tale (1987), where she portrayed Jennifer, an educated middle-class woman who falls in love with a rude and uneducated man played by Chow Yun Fat. The film became one of the most successful romances in Hong Kong film history[citation needed]. She is known as the "Marilyn Monroe" of Hong Kong entertainment industry due to her beautiful looks.

Cherie Chung retired from acting in the 1990s; her last film was John Woo's Once a Thief (1991).

She married an advertising guru, Mike Chu, known for this acheivements in the Hong Kong advertising industry in 1991 in the US. Currently, she is active in promoting environmental protection.

On the 24th of August 2007, Mike Chu passed away from stomach cancer. The funeral will be conducted according to Roman Catholic rites.

Once a Thief (1991) - Red Bean
Zodiac Killer (1991) - Meng Tieh-Lan
Once a Thief 2 (1991)
Stars & Roses (1989)
Happy Together (1989)
Wild Search (1989) - Cher
Diary of a Small Man (1989)
Golden Years (1988) - Chu So-So
Mr. Mistress (1988) - Ho's girlfriend
Chaos by Design (1988)
The Good, the Bad and the Beauty (1988) - Ko Sau-Ping
The Eight Happiness (1988) - Beautiful
Golden Swallow (1988) - Hsiao-Hsueh/Lu Hsiao-Ping
Bet on Fire (1988) - Hung
Walk on Fire (1988) - Miss Chung
Couples, Couples, Couples (1988) - Mary Huang
Fatal Love (1988) - Cecilia Yau Tai-Kam
The Yuppie Fantasia (1988)
One Husband Too Many (1988) - Frances
Moon, Stars & Sun (1988) - GiGi
An Autumn's Tale (1987) - Jennifer
Spooky Kama Sutra (1987)
Spiritual Love (1987) - Wei Hsiao-Tieh
Goodbye Darling (1987) - Josephine
Double Fixation (1987)
Peking Opera Blues (1986) - Sheung Hung
Happy Ding Dong (1986) - Din-Din
Fascinating Affairs (1985) - Diana
Cher, Last Victory (1984) - Cherie Teng
Banana Cop (1984) - Amy
Hidden Power of Dragon Sabre (1984)
My Darling Genie (1984)
Prince Charming (1984) - Yuk Duk-mei
Maybe It's Love (1984)
Heaven Can Help (1984) - Cathy
Descendant of the Sun (1983) - Princess
Hong Kong Playboys (1983) - Mei
Boys and Girls (1983)
Winners and Sinners (1983) - Shirley
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (1983)
Eclipse (1982)
The Dead and the Deadly (1982) - Miss Yuen
It Takes Two (1982)
The Story of Woo Viet (1981) - Shum Ching
The Postman Strikes Back (1981) - Guihua
The Enigmatic Case (1980) - Yao Puipui

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